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Best Time to Do a Safari in Tanzania


Most of people ask themselves when is the best time to do a Safari in Tanzania. My best answer would be, well it depends on what you are interested in doing in Tanzania. If you want to see the wildebeest migration, Which most travelers are dying to experience this Tanzania’s biggest attraction is the natural movement of mega-herds – wildebeest, zebra and gazelle – following the summer rains and sweet grasses in an annual pilgrimage. Depending on when your Tanzania Safari takes place, you may witness the life-and-death struggles of the Mara River crossings or dramatic encounters with Africa’s top predators on the open plains : In this article i will only explain in details the best  time to see the wildebeest migration. 

The short October/November and March/April rainy seasons notwithstanding, the Serengeti’s temperate and mostly dry climate plus abundant resident wildlife makes for a great game viewing experience all year round – the question of exactly when to go to the Serengeti really revolves around whether you want to see the wildebeest migration or just wildlife.

If so, then the best time to visit the Serengeti is Between October and July before the wildebeest return to Kenya’s Masai Mara around August. Note however that the migration is a fluid affair: not only is its precise timing subject to each year’s rainfall pattern but the herds move around the Serengeti depending on the time of year.

This is an interesting story about the wildebeest…. some of you will be wondering where do clients sleep during the safari in Serengeti or even where is this Serengeti National Park ? Well this link talks more about the Serengeti National park information, what to do where to sleep and more

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