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Kilimanjaro Climbing Review

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing review

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro  in mid-February 2017. It had been my dream to do the climb for two years. I was living in Africa and was getting ready to move to Europe. I was running out of time. I was going to climb with some colleagues using Tanzania Expeditions but had a conflict, so I had to cancel. Then I contacted Justin, the owner of Tanzania Expeditions and told him I had very little time to do it. I asked him if I could join a group. There was a small group I could join, so I did. We climbed using the Machame route.

I loved everything about the climb. Our guides and porters were really wonderful – knowledgeable and caring. Climbing Kili is challenging but they made every effort to make us all comfortable and to meet each of us at our level. They were really good about motivating us too. The mountain is really beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed the changing scenery and the guide’s explanations about the different species we saw along the way. Summit day was very hard. We woke up to a blizzard and had to summit in it. It was a long and bitterly cold climb but we all summited and were treated to magnificent vistas at Stella Point and ultimately at Uhuru. There was singing and dancing with the porters and the guides too. We bonded with them a little bit in the dining tent and over the hikes. It was fascinating to learn about their lives and how they became guides/porters, their first time on the mountain, etc… I can’t thank Tanzania Expeditions enough for this unforgettable experience! I highly recommend them for a Climbing Kilimanjaro.

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