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palace hotel Arusha


Palace Hotel Arusha

Location: Tanzania

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The elegant and conspicuous Palace Hotel Arusha stands out against the backdrop of Mount Meru and amidst gardens located between the hotel and the magnificent historical buildings of Regional Commissioner Offices and the AICC, seat of the United Nations in Tanzania. Located in Arusha’s central business district, 45 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport and 15 minutes from Arusha airport Kisongo the hotel is easily accessible.

There is something effortless and relaxed about The Palace Hotel Arusha.
Uniquely refreshing in its approach, The Palace Hotel Arusha with its elegantly appointed entrance and reception foyer has committed itself to the ‘Green-line’ atmosphere of decoration in its finishes. Every area of the hotel boasts ‘green-line’ facts and arts – thus cherishing those smaller, less renowned flora and fauna of Tanzania –many of which face extinction. Not only affording you luxury and comfort, The Palace

Hotel Arusha moves to educate you – providing fascinating insights and information into these lesser-known aspects of Tanzania.


  • Golf
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Conference Facilities
  • Spa and Gym


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