Your Checklist On What To Pack For A Tanzania Safari

The Tanzania Safari is one that makes to most people’s bucket list. While you do not necessarily have to wear the camouflage patterned outfit every day on your safari vacation, it is wise that you get an idea of what exactly you need to pack for.

Here is everything that you will need to pack for when going on the safari in Tanzania.

The Essential Basics

Okay so you know you have to pack your toothbrush, but did you know that packing a mosquito repellent might just save you from an itchy, bite ridden skin when you chose to camp out during your safari tour stay.

Tanzania Expeditions offers you various safaris including the Tanzania Lodging Safari.

Miscellaneous Packing

The thing with Tanzania Safaris is that people who are experiencing it for the first time find so much to do and indulge themselves in that at some point they wish ‘oh I should have brought that or this’. For instance, more memory for your camera, so make sure that you stock on an extra memory card or simply one with ample space, if you can get your hands on it.

Make sure that you bring a pair of extra batteries for any of your gadgets, like a small flash light just in case. Also bring a pair of mid size binoculars and make sure that they are sturdy enough to not break if you drop them by accident.

Clothes and Shoes

Focus on loose layers and things that will protect you from the sunlight heat.  Make sure that whatever you plan to don on is something that is comfortable, so that it may not serve as a hindrance when you are ready to enjoy your Safari in Tanzania.  Make sure that you grab a pair of polarizing sunglasses before you leave.

When you are out for the Safari during day time, you will need a hat that covers your face, ears and your neck. Look for the textbook safari hat with a cord, so that it doesn’t fly off your head when the jeep sprints along Tanzania.

Your shoes depend on the type of safari you have chosen. For example, if you are taking the Mt. Meru Climbing Safari, then you need hiking boots, or if you are going for the any other safaris, then packing sports sandals and shoes should be good for you.

Packing Tips

A neat idea is to pack light so that you do not have trouble checking things time and again. You will be too busy enjoying Tanzania Safari that you will not have time to look at yourself and give your appearance extra attention.

For people who are worried about wrinkling, they can pack their t shirts and pants in plastic bags to keep them from wrinkling. If you need to stuff more, then opt for a duffel bag and flat fold all you clothes.  For more a complete packing list you can view this link: Tanzania travel packing list or if your climbing kilimanjaro then check out this link: kilimanjaro packing list

So book your Tanzania Safari  with Tanzania Expeditions today and browse through our trips to choose which one you like the best.

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